Filling Technologies produces a wide range of Drift Eliminators Systems for evaporation or cooling towers and droplet eliminatros for air treatment units, for scrubbers and for ventilation systems.

The Drift Eliminators System's primary function is to separate the water droplets contained in the vertical (modular panel separators) or horizontal (winged separators) air flows.

Filling Technologies has been on the market for over 30 years.  Thanks to the experience is acquired over the years, its range of products now include the most efficient Drift Eliminator Systems that are available on the market in terms of separation and thermo-mechanical resistance. 

Prior to thermoforming or extrusion, our PVC and PP are provided by top European and international companies and they meet the American surface burning characteristics of building material standards, CTI 136 and ASTM E-84.

The drift eliminator is mainly used to separate drops of water present in the air flow both for vertical flows (modular panel separators) and for horizontal flows (fin-type separators).

Filling Technologies sells 2 types of separators:

The H 130 - Drift 130 - Mist 140 drift eliminatros are called "Panel type" and specifically designed for use in evaporative towers, scrubbers and gas turbines.
The Droplet separators F10 - F20 - F33 - F40 are called "Blade type" and designed for use in air handling units, scrubbers, gas turbines and spray booths.
On request The drop separators of the F series can be supplied on an aluminum frame.


Main Advantages

• Reduced environmental impact
• Elimination of water drop issues
• no water drops come out of the system
• Water recovery
• Energy saving
• Increased amount of drops that are deposited in collection areas
• Very low head losses
• High mechanical resistance thanks to the PVC
• Easy maintenance
• Panels are intelligently positioned thanks to their lightness
• Resistant against almost all chemical and biological agents