Fars Engineering Design Equipment Co. (F.E.D.E.Co.) was established in 1984 manufacturing students’ order stationary equipment in order to meet the Iranian market demand in a national economy and reducing the need of imports.


      To begin our venture in a plastic industry we first obtained our first factory which was based on 4000 Sq.2 of land with the most advanced manufacturing facilities at the date. Within the first year of production our capacity ramped up to 3000 ton a year allowing us to meet national demands.


      In 1991 in a persuade of quality F.E.D.E Co. started to purchase new plastic molding injection machinery to sustain its liability to produce quality parts for the domestic market. Two years later as the company grew again, built its facilities including a new in-house mold design and manufacturing service to maximize productivity, efficiency and reduce overhead cost. 


      During our fourth decade of manufacturing, our ability to produce consumer and industrial plastic parts now allows us to produce from 1g up to 4000 g in various specifications.


      Our production has exponentially grown to allow us to keep up with national demand and start exporting to neighboring countries.


Some of the main production of our company are:

  • Different types of students’ stationary and design equipment

  • Joint connection of concrete segments which used in subway tunnels (with trade name of FARS Clip)

  • Small socket and rod which used in subway tunnels

  • Cooling tower packing for the petroleum and oil industry

  • Sand filters, Drift eliminators and sprinkle nozzle adaptor for the petroleum and oil industry

  • Splash Packing (with trade name of F.E.D.E.Co Net 150) for cooling tower


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Seyed Mahmmod Ghorashi Nezhad

info [@] fede.co.ir





Chairman of the Board

Seyed Majid Ghorashi Nezhad




Injection Moulding Technician

Seyed Mohammad Ghorashi Nezhad





Production Manager

Seyed Mohsen Ghorshi Nezhad




Sale Manager

Seyed Mehdi Ghorashi Nezhad